How many Types Of DC Generator

How many Types Of DC Generator

According to an approach of subject excitation, there are two kinds of DC Generator.

  • Separately Excited

  • Self Excited

Separately Excited

The vicinity current for the generator would possibly also be received from an external source, such as a battery or a rectifier, as verified in Figure. In this case, the generator is classed as an excitement by one.


Self Excited

Modern mills with region coils are self-excited, the area some of the energy output from the rotor is used to make stronger the concern coils. The rotor iron retains a residual magnetism when the generator is grown to emerge as off. The generator is commenced out with no load connected; the preliminary inclined self-discipline creates a susceptible voltage in the stator coils, which in flip will increase the field cutting-edge till the laptop computer “builds up” to full voltage.


Self-excited mills need to be commenced without any exterior load attached. An exterior load will continually drain off the buildup voltage and stop the generator from attaining its suitable working voltage.


  1. Series DC Generator

  2. Shunt DC Generator

  3. Compound DC Generator


1.Series DC Generator

A sequence DC generator is proven underneath – in which the armature winding is associated in a series with the area winding so two that the self-discipline present-day flows by way of the load as properly as the discipline winding. Low resistance to a rotating discipline is a thick curfew wire. Chains are frequently now not used in addition to mills!


2.Shunt DC Generator

A shunt DC generator is verified in determine (b), in which the location winding is wired parallel to armature winding so that the voltage throughout each are same. The problem winding has excessive resistance and a higher quantity of turns so that only a part of armature modern-day passes thru place winding and the relaxation passes thru a load.


3.Compound DC Generator

A compound generator is tested in the parent below. It has two situation findings especially Rush and Rose. They are genuinely shunt winding (Rush) and sequence winding (Rose).


The compound generator is of two types.

1) Short shunt and

2) Long shunt


1) Short shunt

Here the shunt self-discipline winding is wired parallel to armature and series discipline winding is related in the collection to the load.


2) Long shunt

Here the shunt challenge winding is parallel to every armature and sequence challenge winding (Rose is wired in sequence to the armature).

Application of Separately Excited

  1. Because of their ability to give tremendous differ of voltage output, they are normally used for checking out a motive in the laboratories.
  2. Separately excited generators characteristic in a secure circumstance with any version in region excitation. Because of this property, they are used as providing a source of dc motors, whose speeds are to be controlled for a number of applications. Example- Ward Leonard Systems of pace control.


Application of Self Excited

  1. They are used for typical lighting.
  2. They are used to value batteries due to the fact they can be made to supply constant output voltage.
  3. They are used to give encouragement to alternate.
  4. They are also used for additional power supply.
  5. They are used for imparting discipline excitation cutting-edge in dc locomotives for regenerative breaking.
  6. This kind of mills are used as boosters to compensate for the voltage drop in the feeder is greater than a few sorts of distribution constructions such as railway service.
  7. In sequence arc lightening this kind of generators is exceptionally used.


Application of Compound Generator

  1. Cumulative compound wound mills are usually used lighting, power supply-purpose and for heavy energy offerings because of their regular voltage property. They are commonly made over compounded.
  2. Cumulative compound wound mills are additionally used for driving a motor.
  3. For small distance operation, such as electricity grant for hotels, offices, homes, and lodges, the flat compounded turbines are commonly used.
  4. The differential compound wound generators, due to the reality of their giant demagnetization armature reaction, are used for arc welding where huge voltage drop and normal trendy is required.

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