How To Get Free Electricity Power

How To Get Free Electricity Power

You can get the payment to use electricity.
Cheap electrical energy is great. But free electrical energy is better. And if there has been a way to get paid for the usage of electricity, wouldn’t that be the first-rate choice yet?

Well, of course. But previously than Griddy, it wasn’t an option. Not for consumers, anyway.
We modified that.

With the grid, you enter the electricity cost price directly. So something it prices at any given moment, that’s precisely what you pay. Since electrical energy expenses fluctuate relying on furnish and demand, there are plenty of instances that electrical power is actually free.
With other electric providers, you don’t get entry to that free electricity, because they make cash by way of marking it up.

With Griddy, you constantly pay the wholesale cost. So if it’s free, you use electrical strength for free. And when bills go terrible (below $0.00/kWh), you get paid to use electricity.
Wholesale pricing = a lot of free electricity.

It’s as handy as it sounds: Whatever electrical power fees from the source, that’s what you pay. Other electric carriers will try to scare you away from wholesale pricing with the fear of cost spikes, promising that their constant charge is the secure way to avoid those luxurious spikes. But the reality is that price spikes except a doubt don’t manifest that often, and when they do, they don’t ultimate very long.
In 2016, there had been less than four complete hours of price spikes. For comparison, there have been 139 hours that you will get paid to use electricity.

So even when you take fee spikes into consideration, wholesale pricing is nonetheless a way greater reasonably priced than any fixed-rate plans. Price spikes are offset via so many free or paid electrical energy instances that you cease up saving a ton. In 2016, you would have saved almost $500 in electricity costs, simply by way of paying wholesale prices.

The conclusion? Wholesale charges beat fixed-rate plans each time.
How masses of free electrical energy can you get?
Since this is decided through the way of providing and demand, it’s difficult to project for sure. But we can inform you with an absolutely simple assignment that last year, there was once a complete lot of free electricity.
In 2016, there were:

167 hours of free electricity
139 hours when fees had been terrible (i.e., when you’d have gotten paid)
The super facts are that these numbers are developing each year. Thanks to renewable energy, we have greater and greater sustainable sources of electrical electricity using fees down. See, whenever sources like wind and photovoltaic come onto the grid, prices are cheaper. And the quantity of renewables on the grid has been creating and will proceed to grow.

In fact, between 2013 and 2016, the wide variety of hours with charges below $0.01/kWh doubled every year:
2013 – fifty-eight hours
2014 – 119 hours
2015 – 219 hours
2016 – 434 hours

We wholeheartedly expect this fashion to continue. In fact, this past March, the US set a new milestone in renewable energy: 10% of all electrical energy generated in the US received here from wind and solar, in accordance to a file posted with the resource of the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The file moreover cited an integral component for Houston electric powered consumers: Texas generated extra wind and solar power than any special state.

What does all of this absolutely mean for you? It abilities there’s clearly no saying how immoderate your financial savings on electrical electricity in 2017 (and beyond) may want to be. What we do understand is that it will come to be a higher and higher deal to pay wholesale prices.
And what do you have to do this free power? Go Griddy.

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