Top 10 Best Civil Engineering Companies in India

Top 10 Best Civil Engineering Companies in India

he unprecedented growth of urbanization coupled with the dire want for modern constructive parallelism has led to the institution of many a pinnacle development enterprise in India. The infrastructure layout and development is no longer run of the millwork. It integrates the principles of high-quality business techniques coupled with huge technical information for turning in the closing output of the presentation.

After thorough lookup and fundamental statement of the quite a number market traits and rankings, we have listed beneath quite a few quality civil engineering organizations in 2018 which have made it to the pinnacle 10 in the Indian market.


  1. Hindustan Construction Company

Headquartered in Mumbai, this public personal business enterprise is pretty the talk of the town, considering its essential involvement in essential building works in the country. The business spans throughout more than one sectors of civil works department and is chiefly occupied with engineering and construction, actual estate, city development, infrastructure design, and development respectively. The HCC group of agencies enlists the HCC Pvt ltd alongside with its several subsidiaries like the HCC Real Estate Ltd, Lavasa Corporation Ltd., the Highbar Technologies Ltd., HCC infrastructure Ltd. and Steiner AG in Switzerland respectively.


  1. IVRCL

With its headquarters in Chennai, IVRCL is fiercely engaged in the commercial enterprise of development and implementation of the civil engineering practices. It exceptionally deals with the procurement, construction, and fee for lead infrastructure projects. Its other commercial enterprise units encompass water and environmental projects, electricity transmission, distant places forays and mining feasibilities, desalination and sewage structures build. Its electricity transmission tasks in the main include electricity lines, substations, bringing in electrical energy to rural areas and establishment of distribution lines respectively.


  1. Simplex Infrastructure Ltd.

Established in the yr 1924 and internet hosting more than 2600 mega projects, Simplex Infrastructure Ltd. is the premier organization that completely caters to the engineering and development sector. It offers in more than a few tasks that especially include the Transport, Energy and Power, Mining, Real Estate, Buildings, etc. Ensuring regular fine journey coupled with massive value control solutions; this enterprise business enterprise has been correctly dominating the development fraternity for greater than ninety years and has had its honest share of success in the corresponding economic markets as well.


  1. SOMA

One of the “fastest developing infrastructure developers”, Soma effectively retains its manufacturer title even after thirteen long years of experience in this precise industry. With a typical turnover around Rs. 39165 million, it is currently executing thirteen projects in 15 exceptional states. Initially, an EPC player, SOMA has evolved into executing a number of infrastructure tasks on a Build Own Transfer basis. It comprises a particularly strategic strategy wherein it deploys state of the artwork equipment and science really worth over 10 billion to attain larger efficiency in its execution processes.


  1. GMR Group

Founded in 1978 by using Mr. G. M. Rao and headquartered in New Delhi, GMR Group is one of the top civil engineering organizations that face up to hard competition in the market as of today. This specific organization offers mainly in Energy, Transportation, Airports and Urban infrastructure respectively. Having extra than 3 many years of the trip in this industry, GMR Group has been rapidly evolving to be the nice in the market with the help of nation of the art initiatives in the sectors necessary to the total system of improvement as such.


  1. Nagarjuna development company

Driven with passionate commitment in the direction of outstanding success scripting, under the superb management of the visionary entrepreneur Dr. AVS Raju, Nagarjuna Construction Company has paved its way into the top 10 of the engineering and building industry. It has evolved into an essential main manufacturer with BOT, Realty, and global business respectively.


  1. Punj Lloyd

This worldwide company has mounted its roots efficiently in the Indian market. It gives for built-in development, engineering, procurement, building and undertaking management offerings in the electricity and infrastructure sector. Originally installed in the 12 months 1982 as the pipeline division of the Punj Sons Private Limited, it was subsequently rechristened into the Punj Lloyd public Ltd in the year 1992.



Afcons infrastructure confined is a phase of the shamoji group, which at present holds the second biggest position in the engineering and development region in India. Equipped with an imaginative and prescient in the direction of fostering an environment that helps in the creation of knowledge and its software to work, it seeks to excel in all the activities and strives to build a higher company on the whole. Afcons boasts of super specialization in marine and industrial sector, indulging in greater than one hundred fifty marine infrastructures throughout the Indian coastline. It has additionally made a well-sized contribution in constructing LNG infrastructure in India.


  1. Tata Projects

Tata Projects is the premier infrastructure and engineering group that is outfitted with high-quality expertise in building a complex city and industrial infrastructure projects. It comprises a particularly professional taskforce of greater than 2700 employees who specialize in engineering excellence, provides chain understanding and extraordinary building management. This commercial enterprise large pays specific interest to pleasant and safety as its core values, due to the fact of which it has earned a number of awards. These include “Certification of Industry Industry” and “Best Safety Management of Certificate” from “SEET Certificate” from SEPCO China. It indulges in greater than 79 million secure hours and accommodates the accomplishment of OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications respectively.


  1. Larsen and Toubro

This industrial conglomerate is the main technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and monetary services provider that integrates global operations in greater than 30 international locations throughout the globe. Predominantly regarded as L&T, it addresses indispensable needs in key areas like the Hydrocarbon, Infrastructure, Power and techniques and the like. It believes in delivering a world-class consumer-oriented quality method with an unmatched ride in all the foremost traces of enterprise as such.

Civil engineering is the key toward efficient workgroup layout and optimistic development. The above-mentioned enterprises are with the aid of far, the excellent in the market right now. With sizable infrastructure development possibilities and the incorporation of high-end technology, this enterprise is quickly to take off on an increase for larger economic and business standards in the modern international market.

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