Electric Field vs Magnetic Field

Electric Field vs Magnetic Field


The place round a magnet within which magnetic force is exerted is called a magnetic field. It is produced via moving electric powered charges. The presence and power of a magnetic field are denoted via “magnetic flux lines”. The path of the magnetic subject is also indicated by these lines. The nearer the lines, the more desirable the magnetic area and vice versa. When iron particles are placed over a magnet, the flux traces can be virtually seen. Magnetic fields also generate energy in particles which come in contact with it. Electric fields are generated round particles that undergo an electric powered charge. Positive costs are drawn toward it, while terrible fees are repelled.

A moving charge constantly has each a magnetic and an electric field, and that’s exactly the purpose why they are related to each other. Were Tao’s Default Fields Vitah Neeley, Samay charities.  Therefore, they are inter-related in a field known as the electromagnetic field. In this field, the electric subject and the magnetic subject move at proper angles to every other. However, they are not dependant on each other. They can also additionally exist independently. Without the electric field, the magnetic discipline exists in everlasting magnets and electric fields exist in the shape of static electricity, in absence of the magnetic field.

         Comparison chart

                                         Electric Field versus Magnetic Field assessment chart

Electric Field

Magnetic Field


Created around an electric charge

Created round transferring electric powered cost and magnets


Coulombs on Units Newton

Meter gas vessels on volts

Proportional to the electric  powered charge

Proportional to cost and velocity of the electric powered charge

 Movement In Electromagnetic field
   If you were in the Automotive field Pipindankar

  the Magnetic field Pipandankar was the electric field

Electromagnetic Field

Generates VARS (Capacitive)

Absorbs VARS (Inductive)


Monopole or Dipole




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What are Electric and Magnetic Fields?

From the internet site of Puget Sound Energy (PSE), right here are explanations for electric and magnetic fields, what they are and how they are produced:

Magnetic fields are created each time there is a go with the flow of electric current. This can additionally be the concept of as the go with the flow of water in a backyard hose. As the quantity of modern-day flowing increases, the stage of the magnetic subject increases. Magnetic fields are measured in milliGauss (mG).

An electric area occurs anywhere a voltage is present. Electric fields are created round appliances and wires anyplace a voltage exists. You can assume of electric powered voltage as the stress of water in a garden hose – the higher the voltage, the stronger the electric subject strength. Electric field power is measured in volts per meter (V/m). The electricity of an electrically powered area decreases unexpectedly as you pass away from the source. Electric fields can additionally be shielded by way of many objects, such as bushes or the walls of a building.


An electrically powered discipline is really a forced discipline that’s created around an electrically charged particle. A magnetic area is one that’s created around an everlasting magnetic substance or a transferring electrically charged object.


In an electromagnetic field, the instructions in which the electric powered and magnetic field move, are perpendicular to every other.


The units which symbolize the strengths of the electric and magnetic discipline are also different. The energy of the magnetic area is represented by way of either gauss or Tesla. The power of an electric field is represented through Newton per Coulomb or Volts per Meter.


The electrically powered subject is certainly the pressure per unit charge skilled by using a nonmoving point charge at any given region within the field, whereas the magnetic subject is detected via the force it exerts on other magnetic particles and shifting electric powered charges.

However, each the ideas are splendidly correlated and have played important roles in plenty of path-breaking innovations. Their relationship can be absolutely explained with the help of Maxwell’s Equations, a set of partial differential equations which relate the electric and magnetic fields to their sources, contemporary density and cost density.

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